Ordinance Meeting Date Ordinance File
2022-10 Raise Revenue and Adopt Budget City of Orangeburg 2022-2023 Tue, 09/20/2022 PDF icon 2022-10_raise_revenue_and_adopt_budget_2022-2023.pdf
2022-09 Amending City Budget 2021-2022 Tue, 09/20/2022 PDF icon 2022-09_amending_city_budget_2021-2022.pdf
2022-08 Authorizing Lease and Agreement of Russell and Middleton St Properties Tue, 09/20/2022 PDF icon 2022-08_authorizing_lease_and_lease_agreement_or_russell_and_middleton_st_properties.pdf
2022-07 Adopt DPU Budget 2022-2023 Tue, 09/06/2022 PDF icon 2022-07-ordinance-09-06-2022-adopt_dpu_budget_2022-23.pdf
2022-06 Amend DPU Budget 2021-2022 Tue, 09/06/2022 PDF icon 2022-06-ordinance-09-06-2022-amend_dpu_budget_2021-2022.pdf
2022-05 Amending Budget DPU Hampton St Sewer Project Tue, 06/21/2022 PDF icon ordinance_2022-05_amending_budget_-_dpu_hampton_st_sewer_project.pdf
2022-04 Amending Budget DPU AMI Water Project Tue, 06/21/2022 PDF icon ordinance_2022-04_amending_budget_-_dpu_ami_water_project.pdf
2022-03 Providing Installment Plan not to exceed $7,000,000 Capital Projects Tue, 04/19/2022 PDF icon 2022-03_installment_plan_not_to_exceed_7000000_capital_projects_and_equipment.pdf
2022-02 Ordinance Requiring Masks Extended 04-16-2022 Tue, 02/15/2022 PDF icon 2022-02_extending_mask_ordinance_to_04-16-2022.pdf
2022-01 Amending IX Zoning Ordinance titled Buffering Tue, 01/18/2022 PDF icon 2022-01_ordinance_amending_ix_zoning_ordinance_buffering.pdf


All ordinances created prior to 2019. Each year links to one PDF that has all ordinances for the year.