Garage / Yard Sale Permit

To have a garage or yard sale in the city limits of Orangeburg, you must obtain a yard sale permit from City Hall. The fee is $5.00 per day. There is a limit of two yard sales per location in a calendar year.

The permit should be posted at the site of the sale, and tickets can be issued by the Department of Public Safety for those not obtaining a valid permit.

The City Zoning Ordinance strictly prohibits the placement of signs, posters, and advertisements in the public right of way (including on utility poles which are considered part of the public right of way).

Any signs, posters, and advertisements placed in the right of way will be removed. Persons responsible for the placement of these signs may be fined for violating the City’s Zoning Ordinance as well as public littering.

For more information on Yard Sale Permits, please call Finance Office at 803-539-3750.

If you have any questions on signs please call the Department of Public Works, Zoning at 803-533-6010.