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Access the official agendas and minutes of City Council meetings, providing transparency and insight into the decision-making process.

Budget Books

Explore the city's budget documents to gain an understanding of financial priorities, allocations, and expenditures. Learn how your tax dollars are put to work.

City Administrator

Get to know the City Administrator and their role in managing the day-to-day operations of the city government. Learn about the city's administrative leadership.

City Council

Meet the dedicated individuals who serve on the City Council, representing the community's interests. Discover their roles and responsibilities.

City Council Meetings Calendar

Stay informed about upcoming City Council meetings by referring to the meetings calendar. Plan to attend and participate in the governance of your city.


Meet the Mayor of your city and learn about their leadership and vision for the community. Explore the Mayor's initiatives and projects.


Access the city's ordinances to understand local laws and regulations that apply to residents and businesses. Stay informed about rules and compliance within the city.

Organizational Chart

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