General Investigation

General Investigations

At the heart of our city's law enforcement efforts, the General Investigations Unit plays a pivotal role in tackling major cases, encompassing Homicides, Robberies, Sex Crimes, Economic and Electronic Crimes, and other intricate criminal matters that demand in-depth examination. Our dedicated investigators maintain close collaboration with federal, state, county, and local agencies when dealing with cases that transcend jurisdictional boundaries, necessitating seamless multi-agency coordination.

Crime Scene Investigation

The Crime Scene Investigation team is entrusted with the crucial task of processing and collecting evidence from significant crime scenes, as well as any other locations when required. This evidence includes, but is not limited to, latent fingerprints, DNA, footwear impressions, photographs, and any other items of evidentiary significance. Additionally, our Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) processes additional evidence items submitted to the Evidence Technician by officers involved in various cases. When latent fingerprints are developed and lifted, the CSI conducts meticulous fingerprint comparisons. We are proud to extend our support to other law enforcement agencies in our region, assisting them with evidence collection, evidence processing, and fingerprint comparisons as the need arises.

Contact Info

Captain Victor Cordon
(803) 533-4107