Candidate Testing

National Criminal Justice Officer Selection Inventory (NCJOSI)

The NCJOSI combines a comprehensive cognitive ability measure with a measure of integrity. Research suggests that this is the most predictive combination of measures.

  • Cognitive Ability Measure – 80 items
  • Non-cognitive (Integrity) Measure – 120 items

 Physical Ability Test (PAT)

The course measures a total of 870 feet (290 yards/ 265.2 meters). The course consists of a series of nine interspersed individual tasks, arranged in a continuous format that are viewed as being essential (physical) job-tasks for law enforcement training:

  • running;
  • jumping (low hurdle);
  • climbing stairs;
  • low crawling;
  • jumping (broad-type);
  • climbing a fence (chain-link/four feet);
  • climbing through a window;
  • moving/dragging a weight (150 pounds);
  • changing direction on the run.

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