Investigations Division

Investigations Division at the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety

The Investigations Division, under the leadership of Captain Victor Cordon, plays a critical role in ensuring public safety and justice in the City of Orangeburg. This division is responsible for conducting in-depth investigations into a wide range of felony crimes reported to the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety, including but not limited to homicides, burglaries, robberies, frauds, juvenile crimes, and other miscellaneous crimes as needed.

Within the Investigations Division, several specialized units and dedicated personnel work collaboratively to address and resolve criminal cases. These units and their functions include:

  • General Investigations: These investigators are at the forefront of case solvability and case management, conducting thorough investigations to bring criminals to justice.

  • Juvenile Investigator: Specializing in incidents involving juvenile suspects and victims, this role ensures that the rights of juveniles are observed during investigations.

  • Victim Services: This unit serves as a vital link between the Department, Municipal Court, and various victims' services, coordinating victim notifications and support.

  • Narcotics Unit: Specializing in narcotics investigations and operations, this unit focuses on surveillance, suspect identification, and incidents primarily related to narcotics.

  • Forensic Laboratory: Supervised by Lieutenant Danny Dantzler, this essential component encompasses various areas, including DNA analysis, narcotic chemistry, crime scene investigations, and evidence management.

    • Forensic DNA Analyst: These experts analyze and interpret DNA evidence gathered from crime scenes, focusing on identification, comparison, and evaluation of DNA samples to assist in criminal investigations and legal proceedings.

    • Forensic Narcotic Chemist: Responsible for analyzing and identifying controlled substances, narcotics, and drugs in various forms to support criminal investigations and legal proceedings.

    • Crime Scene Investigator: These professionals collect, analyze, and preserve physical evidence from crime scenes, reconstructing events to provide reliable evidence that aids in solving cases.

    • Evidence Technician: Responsible for maintaining the integrity of all evidentiary items collected by the agency, ensuring proper documentation, storage, and accountability throughout their lifecycle.

  • School Resource Officer: Providing law enforcement resources and expertise to maintain safety and order in the school environment, while also mentoring students and serving as a positive role model.

  • Crime Analyst: Analyzing crime reports and statistics, this role develops predictive trends of criminal behavior and criminal activities in specific geographical areas.

The dedicated individuals in the Investigations Division work tirelessly to ensure the safety and security of the community and to bring justice to those affected by criminal activities in Orangeburg.

Contact Info

Captain Victor Cordon
(803) 533-4110