Investigations Division

The Investigations Division is led by Captain Victor Cordon. The Investigations Division is responsible for handling investigations of most felony crimes that are reported to the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety such as homicides, burglaries, robberies, frauds, juvenile crimes, and other miscellaneous crimes as needed.

    The division consists of many specialized units and personnel:

  • General Investigations: General Investigators are responsible for investigations and perform many of the vital functions for case solvability and case management. 
  • Juvenile Investigator: Specializes in incidents involving juvenile suspects and victims and ensures juvenile rights are observed during investigations.
  • Victim Services: Coordinates notification of victims and serves as a liaison between the Department, Municipal Court, and various victims’ services.
  • Narcotics Unit: Specializes in narcotics investigations and operations including surveillance, suspect identification or any incident which may primarily involve narcotics.
  • Forensic Laboratory: Supervised by Lieutenant Danny Dantzler which consist of these areas: DNA analyst, narcotic chemist, crime scene investigations, and evidence tech. 
  • Forensic DNA analyst: Responsible for analyzing and interpreting DNA evidence gathered from crime scenes. Their primary focus is on the identification, comparison, and evaluation of DNA samples to assist in criminal investigations and legal proceedings.
  • Forensic Narcotic Chemist: Responsible for analyzing and identifying controlled substances, narcotics, and drugs in various forms, such as powders, liquids, pills, and plant material; to support criminal investigations and legal proceedings.
  • Crime Scene Investigator: Responsible for collecting, analyzing, and preserving physical evidence from crime scenes. Their primary objective is to reconstruct events that took place during a crime and provide accurate, reliable evidence that can aid in solving cases.
  • Evidence Technician: Responsible for managing and maintaining the integrity of all evidentiary items collected by the agency, ensuring that evidence is properly documented, stored, and accounted for throughout its lifecycle.
  • School Resource Officer: Provides school administrators with law enforcement resources and expertise to maintain safety and order in the school environment while also reducing juvenile delinquency and promote positive behavior from students, mentoring and a positive role model to students.
  • Crime Analyst Responsible for analyzing crime reports and statistics and developing predictive and projected trends of criminal offenders and of crimes in targeted geographical areas.

Contact Info


Captain Victor Cordon
(803) 533-4110