Patrol Division at the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety

The Patrol Division, led by Captain Alfred Alexander, is the largest division within the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety. Its primary mission is to provide uniformed law enforcement and fire suppression services to the City of Orangeburg and the citizens within its fire coverage area. Uniformed officers in this division are often the first point of contact between the community and the Department of Public Safety, making it a vital aspect of the department's operations. The division is dedicated to leaving a lasting positive impression on citizens, reflecting the agency's professionalism.

The mission of the Patrol Division is to create and maintain an atmosphere of mutual cooperation with the community, fostering a strong bond between law enforcement and the residents. These dedicated officers are responsible for handling the initial response to 911 calls, addressing a wide range of service requests, and generating the initial reports for both fire and criminal incidents. They are a highly visible presence within the community, serving as the front line of public safety.

In addition to their primary duties, personnel from the Patrol Division also contribute to various specialized units and functions within the department, enhancing their ability to provide a range of services at no extra cost to taxpayers. These units and functions include:

  • Special Response Team (S.R.T.): A specialized unit for handling critical incidents and high-risk situations.

  • Canine Unit: Utilizing specially trained K9 officers for various law enforcement tasks.

  • Crime Prevention: Focusing on community engagement, education, and crime prevention initiatives.

  • Public Education: Educating the public on safety and emergency preparedness.

  • Gang Investigation: Investigating and addressing gang-related activities within the community.

  • Bike Officers: Utilizing bike patrols for community policing and enhancing accessibility.

  • Data Master B.A. Certified Officers: Specialized training in handling data related to breath alcohol testing.

  • Arson Investigation: Investigating fire-related incidents and arson cases.

This diversity of skills and expertise within the Patrol Division not only benefits the community but also strengthens the division's ability to handle complex and potentially dangerous assignments on a daily basis. The division comprises approximately 59 uniformed public safety officers and supervisors, serving across four geographic districts.

For more information about the Patrol Division, you can contact Captain Alfred Alexander.

Contact Info

Captain Alfred Alexander
(803) 533-4103