Fire Contract & Fees

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Fire Protection Contracts

What are fire protection contracts?

A fire protection contract is not a tax. It is an annual contract for fire department services with the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety (ODPS).

What is it for?

The Orangeburg Department of Public Safety uses fire contracts and fees to continuously improve its fire protection capabilities. The ODPS fire district has an ISO Class 2 rating. Fire contracts are necessary for the fire department to operate and improve services.

How is this different than my tax bill?

If you reside within the city limits of Orangeburg, there is no need for you to obtain a fire contract. A fee for fire service is already included on your tax bill.

However, if you reside in the county portion of the City’s fire district, then a fire contract is needed. The city of Orangeburg cannot tax fire protection services outside of the city limits. Orangeburg County cannot tax for a service it doesn’t provide since the city is the fire department.

When are contracts due?

Fire contracts run from March 1 to February 28 of every year.

What happens if I do not obtain a fire contract?

If a contract is not purchased and there is a fire, when the Department of Public Safety responds, there will be a $1725.00 service fee and the cost of the contract imposed. Vehicle fires that occur with an owner living outside of Orangeburg County will be charged a service fee of $575.00 for service.

For further information on rates, please contact us at 803-539-3750.


You can pay your Fire Contracts Online or at City Hall at 979 Middleton Street in the Finance Office or the drop box outside.

If you have questions regarding fire contracts or rates, please contact the City of Orangeburg Finance Department at (803) 539-3750.