Benefits of Orangeburg

If anyone outside the area were to ask you where you live, you would probably answer “Orangeburg.” Your address is listed as Orangeburg, SC. While you associate with and live near the City, you miss out on a variety of opportunities, services and quality-of-life amenities because you live outside the city limits. Consider some of the benefits to being a City of Orangeburg resident…

Governmental Participation: Living in the city provides you with the right to vote for municipal officials and participate in municipal affairs.  Residents may also participate in a wide range of City Boards and Commissions that help shape the direction and future of the city.

Planning and Community Development: Planning, building and land development regulatory services are provided to promote public safety, health and general welfare.  This includes zoning, planning and other developmental services.

Public Safety: City residents are provided police and fire protection by the Department of Public Safety.  Fire contract costs are eliminated as these services are covered by city taxes.  For more information about the Department of Public Safety please visit

Utilities, Water, Sewer, Electricity, and Gas: This service is provided by the city's Department of Public Utilities.

The costs for your water and sewer rates are about double outside the city versus inside the city. The costs for electric and gas rates are the same in and outside of the city. For more information about DPU please visit

Sanitation and Public Maintenance: Sanitation and public maintenance services provided by the Public Works Department for commercial or households. 

Household also includes curbside recycling and yard trash service.

Commercial rates are very competitive with private firms and we will be glad to provide a price for your specific situation.

Recreation: City residents have access to facilities and programs operated by the City at reduced rates for some recreation registrations.

For specific information, please contact us.

Thank you for your interest in the City of Orangeburg.  We will be glad to answer specific questions about your property as well as provide a free analysis to see the cost savings and enhanced services your property may receive by coming into the City of Orangeburg.  All your specific questions will be kept confidential. For more information, please call John Singh at 803-533-6000.