Benefits of Orangeburg

Explore the numerous advantages of Orangeburg, from its business-friendly environment to its vibrant community. Discover why Orangeburg is the ideal place for your business and lifestyle.

Business Licenses

Find information about business licenses in Orangeburg, including the application process, requirements, and fees. We make it easy for you to get your business up and running.

Downtown Revitalization Association

Learn about the efforts and initiatives of the Downtown Revitalization Association in Orangeburg. Discover how they're transforming the heart of the city into a thriving hub for businesses and residents.

Hospitality Tax

Understand the hospitality tax in Orangeburg, including its purpose, rates, and how it supports the local community. See how this tax benefits both residents and visitors.

RFQs / RFPs (Request for Qualifications / Request for Proposals)

Stay updated on current Requests for Qualifications and Requests for Proposals in Orangeburg. Get involved in business opportunities and projects that contribute to the city's growth.


Get acquainted with the zoning regulations and guidelines in Orangeburg. Learn how zoning impacts land use, development, and the overall cityscape.