Public Works

Public Works Department Building

The Public Works Department of Orangeburg comprises eight dedicated divisions, each playing a vital role in enhancing the quality of life for our community. These divisions are supervised by the Director of Public Works, working collectively to serve the residents of Orangeburg.

Administrative Division

  • Led by the Director of Public Works, this division oversees the department's budget and ensures the delivery of high-quality services to our citizens.

Airport Division

  • Responsible for operating and maintaining the municipal airport, as well as other airport-related facilities, whether leased, acquired, or constructed by the City. Maintenance of airport hangars and related facilities is also part of their duties.

Building Inspection Division

  • Enforces zoning, building, and housing codes through the Building Permit and Inspection process. This division also enforces ordinances related to overgrown lots. Additionally, they maintain and provide City street and zoning maps for purchase.

Garage Division

  • Manages the City Garage, where all City-owned equipment, excluding that of the Department of Public Utilities, is serviced, maintained, and repaired.

Municipal Buildings Division

  • Responsible for the upkeep of City Hall, which includes the Stevenson Auditorium, as well as other designated City buildings.

Parking Facilities Division

  • Maintains all City-owned and rented off-street parking lots and on-street parking spaces, ensuring accessible parking options for our community.

Sanitation Division

  • Handles the collection and disposal of solid waste within the city limits. A dedicated Solid Waste Collection Team conducts weekly collections of household garbage, recyclable materials, and yard trash in our neighborhoods.

Street and Maintenance Division

  • Focuses on the maintenance of the City Street System, storm sewer system, and open ditch drainage to ensure safe and well-maintained thoroughfares for our residents.

These divisions, under the guidance of the Director of Public Works, work diligently to maintain the functionality and aesthetics of Orangeburg, making it a great place to live and work. We are committed to serving our community with dedication and efficiency.

Public Works

152 Market Street
Orangeburg, South Carolina 29115
(803) 533-6010

Contact Info

John Singh
Director of Public Works
(803) 539-3723

David Epting
Deputy Director of Public Works
(803) 539-3748