Stevenson Auditorium

Welcome to Stevenson Auditorium

Stevenson Auditorium is a meticulously restored civic auditorium offering a captivating venue for a variety of events. Here are some key details about this remarkable space:

Venue Features

  • Proscenium Stage: The auditorium boasts a proscenium stage with a grand opening measuring 33 feet 6 inches in width and 24 feet in depth, providing a captivating focal point for performances.

  • Balconies: A tiered balcony design adds a touch of elegance and expands the seating capacity.

  • Accessibility: The venue is accessible to all guests, and there are conveniently located restrooms on both the floor level and within the balcony hall.

  • Concessions Policy: Please note that concessions are not available within the auditorium, and we kindly request that food and drinks are not brought into the auditorium itself.

  • Lobby Space: For your convenience, the tiled lobby offers ample space to set up tables for sales or any other event-related activities.

Seating Capacity

Stevenson Auditorium can accommodate up to 588 guests, providing a diverse range of seating options:

  • Main Floor: 394, including wheelchair and box seating.
  • Balconies: Two balconies offer seating for 194 guests.


The City of Orangeburg wants your event at Stevenson Auditorium to be a wonderful experience. However, please be aware of the following:

  • The City of Orangeburg is not responsible for any damages, including the loss or theft of equipment or property brought onto our premises in conjunction with the rental of Stevenson Auditorium.

  • The City of Orangeburg is not liable for any claims resulting from accidents or injuries during the rental use of Stevenson Auditorium.

We look forward to hosting your event at Stevenson Auditorium and ensuring a memorable and safe experience for all.

Contact Info

Meredith Garris
(803) 809-0982

The Auditorium is located in the City Hall building at 979 Middleton Street, Orangeburg, SC


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