Ride-Along Program

The purpose of the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety Ride-Along Program is to encourage community involvement in law enforcement and to educate the public by opening up the lines of communication within the community. The Orangeburg Department of Public Safety encourages community involvement in the law enforcement process and allows genuinely interested citizens and student interns to ride as passenger observers with patrol officers for legitimate civic or educational reasons. The Ride-Along program promotes a better understanding of the challenges, risks and rewards of the police officer's role in the community. The ride-along program is administered through the Patrol Division.

We thank you for your interest in our Ride-Along program and encourage questions, comments, and suggestions about this program and the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety. 

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  1. Members of concerned adults or youth groups
  2. College or university law enforcement students engaged in research or fulfilling project or program requirements.
  3. Police officers from other jurisdictions.
  4. Visiting dignitaries or officials.
  5. Other members of the criminal justice system.
  6. Any other individual over the age of 18 approved by the chief of Public Safety or his designee.


  1. Participants must be eighteen (18) year or older
  2. Participants must carry identification with them while riding.
  3. Participants must be dressed in clothing appropriate for contact with the public, including appropriate shoes.
  4. No t-shirts, shorts, tank tops, flip flops or other inappropriate clothing will be worn.
  5. If a participant shows up for their ride-alone and they are not in appropriate clothing they will be denied participation in the ride-along program.
  6. There will only be one rider per vehicle.
  7. Participants may not leave patrol vehicle during law enforcement action unless instructed to leave by an officer.
  8. Participants may not participate in law enforcement actions. This includes discussions of an incident with victims, witnesses or suspects.
  9. Participants shall show respect and professionalism to all persons encountered during the program.
  10. No tape recordings, cameras or similar devices are allowed without prior approval.
  11. Participants will be considered an observer only and shall be under the direct supervision of the assigned officer during the ride-along.
  12. In the case of a potentially dangerous or hazardous situation, participants may be dropped off at a safe location. If this occurs, the officer will give the participant specific instructions and arrange to have them picked up by another officer. (Please note that this is for the rider’s safety).
  13. Failure to comply with any of the above listed rules regulations will result in the immediate termination of the ride-along.

Contact Info

Captain Alfred Alexander
(803) 533-4103