Special Operations

The Special Operations Division is commanded by Deputy Director Ed Conner and serves as the support section of the Department of Public Safety. Special Operations is comprised of several specialized units that serve different functions within the department. Special Operations supports the other divisions of the department through providing the following services: law enforcement and fire service training, accreditation management, policy development, crime analysis, planning and research, grants management, fire inspections, records management, evidence and property control, court security, recruiting, and animal control.

All of the above listed units or sections serve vital functions to the organization in the following manner:

  • Training encompasses all agency training in both law enforcement and fire service disciplines from new recruit training to veteran in-service training.
  • F.T.O (Field Training Officer)
  • Crime analysis, Planning and Research personnel specialize in grants management and crime analysis. In 2005, the Department began a comprehensive crime analysis program called CRIME-STAT designed to focus law enforcement resources based on current crime data and trends.
  • Fire Inspections
  • The Department’s Accreditation Office manages the CALEA Accreditation process and works diligently to update policies and procedures. The Department received recognition as an internationally accredited law enforcement agency in March 2003 through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc.
  • Recruitment personnel are responsible for recruiting applicants to the Department to fill various vacancies within the organization. This section performs all pre-employment screening, testing, and application processing.
  • The Department’s Records Bureau is responsible for all agency records to include, but not limited to criminal case files, incident reports, booking reports, accident reports, etc…
  • Communications Operators are responsible for receiving and dispatching all calls for service from the general public to emergency personnel.
  • The Department has a full time animal control officer responsible for handling all complaints associated with animals within the City.

For more information on the Special Operations Division, contact: Deputy Director Ed Conner.

Contact Info

Edward Conner
Deputy Director
(803) 533-5906