Special Operations

Special Operations Division at the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety

The Special Operations Division at the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety is a vital support section within the department that plays a crucial role in assisting other divisions and fulfilling essential functions. This division is commanded by Deputy Director Ed Conner and encompasses several specialized units, each with a specific function. The services provided by Special Operations include:

  • Training: This unit is responsible for all agency training, covering both law enforcement and fire service disciplines, from training new recruits to providing ongoing in-service training.

  • F.T.O (Field Training Officer): Field Training Officers play a pivotal role in mentoring and training new recruits, helping them transition effectively into their roles as law enforcement officers.

  • Crime Analysis, Planning, and Research: Personnel in this unit specialize in grants management and crime analysis. They use the comprehensive Crime-STAT program to focus law enforcement resources based on current crime data and trends. 

  • Accreditation Office: This office manages the CALEA Accreditation process and is dedicated to updating policies and procedures to maintain the department's internationally accredited status.

  • Recruitment: The Recruitment section is responsible for recruiting applicants to fill various vacancies within the organization. They manage pre-employment screening, testing, and application processing.

  • Records Bureau: The Records Bureau is responsible for managing all agency records, including but not limited to criminal case files, incident reports, booking reports, accident reports, and more.

  • Communications Operators: These operators are responsible for receiving and dispatching all calls for service from the general public to emergency personnel.

  • Animal Control: A full-time animal control officer handles all complaints associated with animals within the city.

Each of these specialized units and sections plays a critical role in supporting the organization's mission and ensuring the safety and well-being of the community. For more information about the Special Operations Division, you can contact Deputy Director Ed Conner.

Contact Info

Edward Conner
Deputy Director
(803) 533-5906