Sunnyside Cemetery


The Sunnyside Cemetery Company was organized on April 13, 1886, as a corporation with shareholders. Due to the condition of the cemetery and financial problems in 1937, the City was meeting in earnest with the Cemetery Company, the shareholders, and the lot owners association. On September 23, 1938, the shareholders of the Sunnyside Cemetery Company delivered to the City title to cemetery property in exchange for the City agreeing to full responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the Cemetery. No exchange of value received was made by the City to the shareholders or lot owners other than the City’s assurance of full responsibility. The City constructed the stone gates as well as paved the roads. The Cemetery was put under the Park Department and today is operated and maintained by the Parks and Recreation Department.

Many outstanding citizens are interred in the cemetery that made significant contributions locally as well as in our State and Nation. Lots remain available for sale and information can be obtained by calling the Parks and Recreation Department at (803) 533-6020.