Fire Marshal

The City of Orangeburg has adopted the 2021 SC Fire Code. An online version can be viewed here. 

South Carolina will be adopting the 2021 International Codes starting on January 1, 2023. 
View announcement from the SC Building Codes Council.
South Carolina modifications to the International Codes. 

South Carolina Office of the State Fire Marshal
Statutes, Rules and Regulations
Model Fire and Safety Policies and Program Guidelines for South Carolina School Districts and Charter Schools
Luminous Egress Markings in High Rise Buildings
Preventing and Responding to Acts of Violence and Fires in Schools

Office of the State Fire Marshal Engineering Services Forms
Request for Fire Sprinkler System Shop Drawing Review
Fire Sprinkler System Certificate of Compliance
Fire Sprinkler System Specification Sheet
Fire Sprinkler System Specification Sheet (Continuation)
Notification of Change in Architect, Contractor or Engineer Form

 Emergency Responder Communications System


Useful Fire Inspection Files

Knox Box Requirements
Fire Department Connection Locking Caps 
Commercial Gas Connector Guide 
Home Oxygen Fire Safety
Apparatus Access Road Requirements Coming soon
Emergency Planning Coming soon
Fire Alarm System Acceptance Inspection Coming soon
Fire Alarm System Plan Review Coming soon
Fire Code Final Inspection Checklist Coming soon
Fire Watch and Impairments 
Food Truck Inspections
Self Inspection Guide
LP cylinder inspection guideline
Security Gates and Fire Dept. Access

 Brochure from Knox

Kitchen Hood Suppression Acceptance Inspection Coming soon
Occupancy Groups 
Public Assembly Tents Coming soon
Fire Sprinkler System NFPA 13 Acceptance Inspection Coming soon
Fire Sprinkler System NFPA 13 Plan Review Coming soon
Stand Pipe System Acceptance Inspection Coming soon