Fire Marshal

The Orangeburg Department of Public Safety has adopted the 2018 SC Fire Code. An online version can be viewed here. 

South Carolina will be adopting the 2021 International Codes starting on January 1, 2023. 
View announcement from the SC Building Codes Council. 

Please keep checking as additional information is added. 


Useful Fire Inspection Files

Common Fire Code Violations Coming soon
Knox Box Requirements
Fire Department Connection Locking Caps 
Apparatus Access Road Requirements Coming soon
Crowd Management  Coming soon
Emergency Planning Coming soon
Fire Alarm System Acceptance Inspection Coming soon
Fire Alarm System Plan Review Coming soon
Fire Code Final Inspection Checklist Coming soon
Fire Watch  Coming soon
Food Truck Inspections Coming soon
Kitchen Hood Suppression Acceptance Inspection Coming soon
Occupancy Groups 
Public Assembly Tents Coming soon
Fire Sprinkler System NFPA 13 Acceptance Inspection Coming soon
Fire Sprinkler System NFPA 13 Plan Review Coming soon
Stand Pipe System Acceptance Inspection Coming soon