Crime Mapping

Crime Analyst – Criminal Intelligence Operations – Planning and Research Department

Crime analysis is a Departmental function in which information relating to criminal offenses is collected, collated, analyzed, and disseminated within the Department of Public Safety. Crime analysis is intended to provide accurate, timely, and useful information to assist operational personnel in meeting their tactical crime control and prevention objectives, and also to assist command staff and administrative personnel in planning and strategic decision-making. It shall be the purpose of the Departmental Crime Analyst to provide for the effective and timely analysis and utilization of crime data in order to ensure the efficient deployment of organizational resources, and the establishment of relevant law enforcement priorities.

These crime analysis statistics can also be released to the general public, with approval, to inform the citizens of the City of Orangeburg about criminal activity that may be occurring in their community. This will benefit the citizens of Orangeburg by raising public awareness, assisting neighborhood watch programs, and allowing citizens access to information that help them make informed decisions about crime in their communities.

Contact Info

Captain Victor Cordon
(803) 533-4107