The Narcotics unit is responsible for the prevention and suppression of any and all narcotics related activity including the illegal use, sale, possession, manufacturing and trafficking of narcotics.  Enforcement includes illegal sale, importation and distribution of controlled substances and illegal narcotics.  The unit also consists of a Forensic Chemist who is responsible for the testing of all illegal narcotics and controlled substances.

The Narcotics Unit also investigates cases involving the illegal buying, selling, and possession of dangerous drugs or narcotics for street level, middle, and upper level drug distribution enforcement. The unit assigns officers to work with the local Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Task Force investigating federal narcotics cases in the Orangeburg area. The unit also works closely with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) to investigate narcotics cases involving firearms.

Gang Unit

In 2004 the Gang Unit was formed to combat the growing problem of gang activity and their involvement in drug sales and crimes of violence. The unit has been instrumental in identifying the makeup and characteristics of the various gangs and has used that information to educate other law enforcement officers and interested parties. Gang Unit Investigators are available to come to community meetings, schools, or businesses to give presentations on gangs and gang awareness.



In November 2006, the effects of the gang activity that had been observed by the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety (ODPS) and the Orangeburg County Sheriff's Department (OCSD), led the agencies to host an informational gang forum. The purpose of this forum was to present information to the community and it's leaders, that would allow them to make a judgement on the level of gang problems in our area.

The attendance at this forum was very encouraging and as a result, the growing criminal gang problem in our community was acknowledged and everyone was in agreement that it was an issues that needed to be addressed now, before it reached an unmanageable level. Since the forum, a core group of community members has come together to form the Orangeburg County Gang Intervention Project 2020. These members include representatives from law enforcement, the school district, churches and faith based organizations, local businesses, universities, and other community supporters. The Orangeburg County Gang Intervention Project is working towards it's mission and vision which includes reducing gang activity as well as providing a safe and secure environment for our children.

The mission of the Orangeburg County Gang Intervention Project 2020 is to create a safe community environment for the citizens of Orangeburg County by providing violence education, intervention, and prevention activities that will reduce and eliminate gang activities through collaboration and and relationships with schools, institutions, social/civic organizations, businesses, communities, and faith based organizations.


By 2020, the OCGIP will be the most effective program demonstrating the reduction and/or prevention of gang activities among children, youth and adolescents throughout the state and nation. The OCGIP will create a culture of civility that serves as a foundation for empowering children, families, and communities to maintain a secure, safe and nurturing environment.

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