The Training office encompasses all agency training, both law enforcement and fire service disciplines, of all new recruits and veteran in service training. This office also houses the Recruitment and Retention Officer. This officer assists the agency with locating and hiring qualified individuals and helps to develop courses of action for retaining current officers.

To ensure agency personnel are properly instructed to perform the complex duties of Public Safety, it is necessary for the department to develop and provide an active training program for all its employees. Training serves three broad purposes:

  • Well-trained officers are generally better prepared to act decisively and correctly in a variety of situations.
  • Training results in greater productivity, effectiveness, and understanding of job requirements.
  • Training fosters cooperation and unity of purpose throughout the organization.

Moreover, since it is the responsibility of the Public Safety Department to offer professional services to the community, the department's training function maximizes employee self-improvement, skills, knowledge, and abilities. To promote these objectives, the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety will be committed to an on-going, progressive training.

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Training Office
(803) 539-5915

Edward Conner
Deputy Director
(803) 533-5906