Welcome from the Chief

Welcome to the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety web site. This site is designed to provide a transparent view into the functions and services provided by our Public Safety agency. We hope this tool will keep the public informed regarding activities in the Orangeburg community that directly or indirectly relate to the department’s operations. We will provide crime trend information through our crime analysis and mapping function and crime prevention techniques through our crime prevention office. 

We are pleased to offer neighborhood and community wide alerts as needed. The alerts will provide information on incidents as minor as traffic congestion or accidents, to actual wanted persons who create a safety concern for the community. We encourage everyone to enroll and participate in our community alert program, which can be accessed from personal computers, or mobile devices.

The City of Orangeburg is a vibrant and multi-faceted community with the necessary amenities for citizens to live, work, play and nurture their families. It is the goal of the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety to constantly evolve our partnerships with community stakeholders to improve our delivery of police and fire services. We are committed to improving the quality of life for our community. The entire team of men and women of the department are dedicated professionals and guided by the department’s mission, vision, and values  to provide the passionate level of service our community members deserve. We are proud that the department is one of only three Public Safety Departments in the State of South Carolina, which has earned national accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA). In addition, we maintain a low ISO rating and stride to provide the most effective fire suppression and prevention services possible to our fire district, which encompasses more than eighty-seven square miles of the Greater Orangeburg area.

Finally, the department is adamantly committed to our community policing philosophy. We operate daily under our motto of “Working Today for A Safer Tomorrow”. We realize our agency is not measured by the number of arrests made or traffic tickets issued, but by the lack of crime in our community. We truly believe we can make an effective difference in our community fortunes by sowing or planting positive preventive programs, cultivating and developing positive character among our youth along with nurturing partnerships within the community. Ultimately we will all reap the positive benefits of a safe and enjoyable community today and in the future.