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Identity Theft Protection

     Identity thieves prey on anything that reveals personal information.  Identity theft is when someone's personal information has been stolen for the use to commit deception or fraud.  Some ways that you can reduce your chances of becoming a victim:

  • Check your billing dates
  • Ask questions before revealing personal inform
  • Carry only what you need in your wallet
  • Shop only on secured websites
  • Protect your mail

If you are a victim of identity theft or think you may be:

  1. Contact the fraud department of each of the three major credit bureaus
    • Equifax                     1-800-685-1111
    • Experian                   1-800-397-3742
    • Transunion               1-800-916-8800
  2. File a police report with the police or sheriff in your community and in the town or city where you thing the crime took place.
  3. Monitor your credit report.