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Future Projects

City Gymcitygym300

The City of Orangeburg is developing a Municipal Gymnasium for the enjoyment of local citizens and visiting participants. Local basketball and volleyball leagues will be conducted in the facility as well as state and regional tournaments in these sports. This facility will feature 2 separate gymnasiums with wood flooring, 2 activity rooms, concession areas, restrooms and offices. The grounds will be beautifully landscaped and lighted, paved parking lots provided. Ecologically sound drainage is being designed to ensure minimal impact from storm water running.

Recreation Facilityreccomplex300

The City of Orangeburg is in the process of developing a 132 acre showcase outdoor recreation complex. Featuring a 5 field configuration and a 4 field configuration for baseball and softball, this facility will be enjoyed by local citizens during the week and be host to state, regional and national tournaments on weekends. Each configuration will have a center structure that will feature a concession area, score booths, restrooms, offices and meeting rooms. The playing fields will have a modern lighting system, athletic turf, irrigation, and field drainage systems. The facility will, also, feature walking trails, picnic areas and open play areas and will be beautifully landscaped with paved and lighted parking areas. The area is being planned in conjunction with other private and governmental agencies to ensure optimal benefits to the community.