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Youth Sports

     Fees for participation in all youth sports are the same: $45.00, with an available $25 discount for City residents providing valid proof of their physical address. Optional insurance coverage is available for $10.00 per participant. A 2 week registration period takes place prior to each season. View our Calendar for upcoming registration dates. The registration process may be completed at our office location (367 Green Street, white house beside the Post Office. A Program Release Form may be obtained online. A birth certificate for each participant is also required at the time of registration. Practices and games for all sports generally take place on weekday evenings after 5:30 p.m., Zachhowever some weekend events may occur occasionally. Team placement information will be provided at the time of, or immediately following, your registration. Contact Jamie Aimar regarding Baseball, Soccer or Girls Softball, and DeLeon Johnson regarding Basketball, Football, and Cheerleading.

      Baseball is offered for youth ages 3-16, and takes place annually from March-July. Six different baseball fields throughout the City are used to accommodate approximately 45 teams each summer. The leagues offered are: Wee Ball (ages 3-4, co-ed), Dixie A Tee Ball (ages 5-6), Dixie AA Instructional League/Coaches Pitch (Ages 7-8), Dixie AAA Minor League (Ages 9-10), Dixie Youth Major League (Ages 11-12), Dixie Boys (Ages 13-14), Dixie Pre-Majors (Ages 15-16). Baseball is our sport with the largest participation.

      The City of Orangeburg offers Soccer in the Fall (August-November). All games are played at the Hillcrest Soccer Complex, which boasts four soccer/football fields, along with additional tennis courts and baseball diamonds. The four soccer leagues offered are: Wee League (Ages 3-4), Fun League (Ages 5-7), Small Fry (Ages 8-10), and Mite (ages 11-12). Boys and girls play together in all four leagues, and we generally have between 15-20 teams per season.

      Girls Softball is offered simultaneously with baseball in March-July, and is available for youth ages 5-18. Girls ages 5-8 play in the Dixie Darlings League, Dixie Angels (ages 9-10), Dixie Ponytails (ages 11-12), Dixie Belles (ages 13-15), and Dixie Debs (ages 16-18).  All leagues above age 8 feature the fast pitch format.

      Youth Basketball takes place twice annually from  November-March and July-August for boys and girls ages 8-17. All games are played in the City Gymnasium on Broughton Street. The leagues offered include: Small Fry (ages 8-10), Mite League (ages 11-12), Midget League (ages 13-14), Junior League (ages 15-17). 15-20 teams are regularly fielded each season.

      Participation in our Football program continues to grow each autumn. Boys ages 6-8 may play non-contact Flag Football, while 8-10 year olds (Small Fry) and 11-12 year olds (Mite League) play tackle. Approximately 15 football teams participate each year between August and November. All football games take place in Orangeburg at the Hillcrest Football/Soccer Complex.

      Cheerleading is offered for girls ages 6-12, and takes place during each fall. Participants are divided into cheering team according to their age, and cheer at the City’s youth football games, which primarily take place on weekday evenings.

Adult Sports

      Adult Basketball and Softball participants must either provide proof that they reside within the City of Orangeburg, or pay a $30.00 non-resident fee. This is in addition to the seasonal $310.00 team fee that must be paid. Adult Rosters must be completed and turned in, along with all funds, by their specified dates. Any individual who competes must be listed on the official roster that is turned in. Adult sports are for those who are 18 years of age or above.  Contact DeLeon Johnson for further details.

      Adult Softball is offered each year, in the Fall. Approximately 15 teams take part each season, and are divided into four leagues (A, B, & C) by level of play. The majority of games take place at two primary fields in Orangeburg.

      The City of Orangeburg offers adult Basketball each November-March. All games take place at the City Gymnasium. Up to 30 teams take part each season, and are divided into four different leagues by level of play (B, C, & Fast Break).

Youth Sports Program Release Form | Adult Sports Roster