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Criminal Investigations

TCaptian Victor Cordonhe Investigations Division is led by Captain Victor Cordon and is responsible for the follow up investigation of crimes occurring within in the city limits of Orangeburg, illegal narcotics, juvenile crimes and the provision of support and assistance to victims of crime.

The division consists of three units:

  • General Investigation
  • Juvenile/Victim Services
  • Narcotics

General Investigations investigates all assaults, homicides, burglaries, sexual assaults, larcenies, kidnapping, robberies and financial crimes. The detectives are responsible for locating and interviewing victims and witnesses; locating and preserving physical evidence; recovering stolen property; identifying, locating, interviewing and arresting criminal suspects; and presenting criminal cases to municipal court and the solicitors office for prosecution.

For more information about the Investigations Division, contact: Captain Victor Cordon.