The City of Orangeburg requires all suburban property owners to purchase a fire contract with the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety to respond to fire related emergencies. The cost of this contract covers the response and resolution to these fire emergencies. Fire contracts are good for one calendar year and will need to be renewed annually by March 1st. Please be advised that the City of Orangeburg is not obligated to answer fire calls outside the city limits unless the owner or tenant has a fire contract for coverage with the city for that location.

Recipients of fire protection services, to include a response to a false alarm (where there is no fire), will be charged a fee of $1,725.00 plus the price of a fire contract for that location. All institutions, commercial, or manufacturing calls will be billed for the actual cost (fighting the fire) with a minimum charge of $1,725.00 plus the cost of a fire contract for that location. A fee of $575.00 will be charged for all responses to car fires in the city`s coverage area. Please note that the department will NOT issue a copy of fire reports to individuals or insurance companies until the service is paid in full.

Fire contracts can be obtained at the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety located at 1320 Middleton St. Orangeburg, SC 29115. Payments can be made at the Department of Public Safety or online (for renewals) at For further information on rates please contact Ms. Lillie Nelson at 803-533-6046.

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